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Homeowners who need to have their roofing needs addressed can contact the friendly representatives at Specialty Home Products and ask about some of the services that the professionals can provide. Offering a wide selection of roofing procedures at an affordable premium, the experts at Specialty Home Products strive to provide the best customer service in the area.

One of the primary services that the roofers provide for their customers is top of the line repairs for all types of surface damage. The specialists can help homeowners isolate damage and repair small sections of the roof that may become prone to leaks and other issues. Repairs include replacing individual shingles and flashing systems, and the professionals will be sure to help homeowners understand what they can do to minimize potential damage in the future.

In addition to the standard repairs, the experts can provide homeowners with an efficient reroofing procedure. This option is unique because it allows customers to save on a potentially expensive replacement procedure. A re-roofing procedure involves the application of new shingles on top of old ones, allowing the roof's previous surface to act as a sheathing system. The professionals make sure that the old installation will be able to support the weight of a new layer of shingles before they continue with the procedure itself.

Sometimes, in particularly extensive cases of damage, homeowners will need to invest in a total rooftop replacement. This project involves replacing the entire roofing system to make sure that it can function as required in the future. The process will usually require careful planning to determine what sections of the roof can be left alone and what will need to be replaced. These procedures can be purchased to affect the roof's deck, support structures and all surface components.

If homeowners are interested in having new installations performed, they can always contact the experts at Specialty Home Products to have a brand new roofing system built from the ground up. New installations can also be performed on top of the existing roof itself. During these larger projects, homeowners will have the chance to invest in constructions that can add space and value to their roofing system. These can include additional dormers and surface systems such as satellite dishes and HVAC units.

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